Buying Decking + Delivery

When you order your decking from us you’ll be pleased to know that we can deliver it to your door too. Decking can be hard to calculate if a special design is required or it needs to be around the edges to finish it off.

We would suggest that you buy a few more lengths as you may want to add to the design at the last minute or maybe make a few cutting mistakes using part of the decking lengths up which possibly could leave you short.

Delivery is charged and varies depending how far out from the centre of Hull you  live or need the decking delivering.

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Decking Fitters or Installers

You’re looking to buy decking for your garden from decking suppliers in Hull for your new garden feature. Who’s going to fit or install it?

Are you going to struggle for 3-4 weekends to get it done yourself and maybe not fit it quite the way you wanted it?

We offer a decking installation service in Hull that will save you time, give you the finish you’d expect and let you sit back and enjoy the finished results.

We have all the right tools for the job, we have access to all the required components if any extra are need and this is what we do as a company!

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Contact Us

01482 247924

If you have any questions or a list of decking sizes you’d like us to quote for please fill out the form below along with a contact number and we’ll get back to you with a decking price. Otherwise please do call us.

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